Some Spanish-speaking people who follow my bilingual blog have told me that they also use it to practise their English; and there are English-speaking people who do the same to practise their Spanish. I would like to say to these people that the Spanish and English versions of this meditation are not exact translations of each other. They cover the same content, but do not always use identical vocabulary and phrasing.

This meditation is in response to comments I have received. Some have told me they can not meditate. Others say they do not know how to meditate. This meditation aims to help people in those situations. It is a guided meditation to help you relax and see and feel the abundance around you. I have chosen this theme because you hear people complaining constantly about not having enough time, money, opportunities or whatever. And yet we are surrounded by abundance. These people do not realize that by saying they do not have things, they have become blind to the abundance that surrounds them. To have abundance, we have to believe we already have it.

When we are in contact with our True Self, we see abundance everywhere.

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