A touching anecdote

Last week I was in the supermarket, queuing to pay. Behind me was a young man holding three bunches of the most beautiful flowers. They were the most expensive and looked amazing. My trolley was full, so I asked the young man: “Do you only have the flowers?”. He said: “Yes”. I said: “You can go before me. Don´t let whatever celebration the flowers are for wait”. His face was shining as he said with a warm smile: “They are for my mother. Every week I buy flowers and I make them into a bouquet for her.” Full of admiration I said: “How nice! You love and appreciate your mother”. The cashier was listening and said to him: “I see you here often.” He answered: “Every week I arrange a bouquet of flowers for my mother”. The cashier made a comment and he said: “I only have one mother I have to take care of her”. The love, care and appreciation on his face was touching. He had a special light around him. As he was going, he turned round and said with a bright smile. “Thank you. I appreciate that.”

This beautiful encounter made me feel great. There is kindness in the world. We just have to look for it. I wanted to share this pleasant anecdote with you, because it warms the heart and makes life joyful. These moments are like seeds that grow to be loving actions.

purple flowers

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