Last week the blog was directed to those of you who told me that you wanted to buy my book ‘My Awakening to Myself’. This week I would like to ask those who have read the book or are reading it to give me feedback on it, please. Even a couple of lines would be great. You can send them to the publisher (, Amazon and/or to myself. You could be helping someone who is looking for that kind of information.

Yesterday I was translating into Spanish the pages entitled “Autumn”. As I looked out of the window, the trees, so beautifully dressed in warm colours, made me feel so much part of everything: the trees, the book, the autumn, the sun and the air I was breathing. This “Autumn” chapter is short. It invites us to reflect on our lives in depth. This is a good way to find out whether we are where we want to be or whether we need to make some changes.

Autumn Otoño

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