This week I want to recover something that I shared a few months ago.

Keeping our physical body and our non-physical body in balance is an important challenge in our lives, because our development depends on it and also what we are able to achieve.

Personally, it seems to me fabulous to be able to do it, but still more so to keep up during the course of the day, whatever may come up, such as going to work, or attending to all our responsibilities: family, friends, colleagues, hobbies, etc. Even though, it may seem difficult, it is really easy. We only need to want it, set our mind on it, knowing and believing that we will attain it and there we are in that balance, where the stillness, the peace and the most profound knowledge fills us up with wellbeing. It is an immense sensation knowing that we have reached the highest goal we could have.

I am fortunate to have had that experience; words are impossible to express it. Meditation is the tool I use. After I meditate I stay in that consciousness of the non-physical body and everything seems possible to me. I find that my physical energy increases considerably. My mind is quiet and free from worries and negativity. I see the beauty around me in a deeper way, I see clearly that what is going on are cycles of our reality and everything has a reason to be as it is.

Balance, equilibrio

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