Being centred

This is a follow up from the last post.

Being centred at every moment gives us more time to reach our goals of the day. This will satisfy and fulfil us. It will put us in a good mood to enjoy life as it comes and we will be relaxed and ready to deal with it. Being centred has many benefits. We concentrate 100% on what we are doing, we smile more, our memory works better, we are kinder to ourselves and others, we are more generous to ourselves and others, our mind is open and alert ready to learn more, instead of giving up at the sight of any new thing in front of us. We are more adventurous and daring, eager to have a go at new things. Fewer situations annoy us and we feel good with who we are. We enjoy complementing ourselves and others by just noticing the best in all of us.

When we are centred, we always know what to do. Are you centred?

centro centre

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