Clearing baggage

We accumulate energies that do not serve us and get in the way of us functioning well. This is the time of year that encourages us to do good clearing. It is important to keep in check the thoughts, feelings and actions that we have to remove in order to be in harmony with the planet and follow her to wherever we belong according to the clearing we have done. If we carry a heavy load we will have to stay with dense energies. On the other hand, if we have done good clearing we will be lighter and able to move to higher levels of energy.

Our beautiful planet is moving faster and faster toward her goal. We are caught in her speed and it would be good to stop and reflect on this. Preparation is needed. Are we ready? Have we removed all the baggage we carry around with us without even knowing? Is our awareness present at all times? Do we feel the pinch when it is not?

baggage carga

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