Ego is such a small word and yet it causes unimaginable damage and suffering among families, friends, colleagues and everyone. Many people talk about “Ego” without knowing what it is. There are many of those who do know but only see it in others. It is as if, by knowing this, their own Ego would disappear: and that in itself makes their Ego bigger.

Ego has the general traits people recognise in it. But there are innumerable ways it exists and not many notice or look into that. It has many aspects: it can be sweet, bitter, rough, smooth, violent, loving, arrogant, etc.

In order to remove our damaging Ego, we must be very mindful of our own thoughts and the actions that follow them. Ego also hides in our feelings and emotions. We should observe our reactions closely and go deep inside ourselves to remove the roots or obstacles that may be there. We should persist without judgement until we succeed. Our success depends on what our intention is. We can make it easy or difficult. It is up to us.


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