Expectations are always futuristic and that’s why they do not always adjust to what we might expect. If we do not understand this we will experience many disappointments. The most frustrating expectations are usually those we have with other people, especially those we live with. We hope they see things like us, but it’s not like that. The frustration comes to life and creates resentment. If these negative feelings are repeated they can create uncomfortable situations.

Expectations can cause damage such as breaking up friendships, creating misunderstandings between neighbours or acquaintances, at work, etc. If we do not know what to expect and feel true reality, there will always be disappointments because what we expected is not realized. We are separated from what is and we give way to uncertainty. That’s where we fall again and again. If we could wake up from that dream which we believe is reality, we would have reached our true selves and our true reality.

Expectations Expectativas

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