Meeting a friend

A few days ago I arranged to meet a friend in the park. I arrived with a few minutes to spare and she was not there. I waited. After a quarter of an hour, she had not arrived. I rang her but she did not answer. So I left a message and went on waiting.

Two ladies passing by asked me if I needed help. I said I was waiting for a friend and thanked them. They said they hoped my friend would turn up soon. Some minutes after that, another lady coming from the opposite direction approached me: “Hello” she said. “I met two ladies who told me you were waiting for me”. We both laughed, and started a friendly, interesting conversation. Then she left and I carried on waiting.

I rang my friend again and this time she answered. Her busy life had taken over and she had forgotten about meeting me. Also she had left her phone at home when she had gone out and hadn’t checked it on her return.

It was one of those glorious hot, sunny days. So I decided I was going to enjoy the weather, the place, the nature around and my own company. I walked until I reached a beautiful valley. A loud noise could be heard. I was curious. As I walked down the valley I could see a huge truck clearing the steep slopes of the valley. My grandchildren came to my mind; they would have loved to see that. I had never seen anything like it. I stood there watching the ease with which it moved around on those steep slopes. Amazing! A man with a dog saw me fascinated watching the machine and spoke to me. We talked for a while about the place, the world and ourselves, and then we walked back to the car park and said goodbye. Before I got to my car, I decided to take another route and enjoy the sun and nature for a bit longer. There was nobody there and I could meditate and be at one with nature. It was such a magnificent day!

Why do I tell you this story? Because instead of being disappointed and frustrated, I decided to enjoy the afternoon as I had planned. The expectations of being with a friend did not deter me from being happy on my own terms because it is up to me how I feel. Nobody has the power to make us feel anything unless we allow it.

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