How grateful are we?

A friend was telling me yesterday: “This is harvest time and I am so busy. I have more than I can keep. My freezer is full. It is a shame you don’t live nearer.” And she sent me a photo of the abundance of her harvest.

In June a plant started to grow in my medicinal herbal garden which I didn’t recognise. It grew very fast and with its huge leaves covered everything around it and controlled a good part of the area. After being away for some weeks, at my return I found it had grown lovely pumpkins.

Mother Earth heaps her gifts upon us every day. Are we aware of them? Are we grateful for them? Do we pay attention to what we eat? Have you noticed that if you are eating while watching TV, reading a book or having another distraction, you eat more or soon after you will be hungry again?

Grateful Agradecidos

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