Help we need comes in the moment the need presents itself and it has many aspects. For that reason, we don’t always know how to react to it as we should. Sometimes it can even cause misunderstandings, given certain subtleties in the way the help reaches us. 

One way of achieving what we want is knowing how to ask. When we do, we have to have absolute confidence that we will get what we ask for. Doubts and other thoughts related to them will be obstacles which can change things and create risks in achieving our desires. The request must be: clear, honest, with purpose, certainty and confidence of receiving it. 

There are people who want to help those who stumble; but it is important to think first and ask oneself the odd question, which could be: Is this stumble anything to do with me? Do I have anything to do with this situation? How does it affect me? What do I feel? These and other questions which may arise lead those who want to help to conclusions about why they want to help, because there are many ways of doing so. It is well known that good intentions can affect those one wishes to help and prevent them from walking along their chosen path. 

Help from the heart is the most beneficial help of all. 

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