I am

I am the past, the now and the future. I live inside a ball with the past, the now and the future. The past wants to be present and sometimes convinces the now and interferes, thus creating changes not favourable to the future. The future complains to the now of its actions. The now hesitates and feels vulnerable between the past and the future. Both pull it from opposite sides and being in the middle feels asphyxiating.

“What can I do?” It asks itself. It looks back, it looks forward, and it looks up and down. It doesn’t find an exit anywhere. It pauses to think. “What can it do?”

Ah! An idea comes to it as a brilliant light, which illuminates its present. It goes to the centre, feeling confident of finding what it is looking for. The centre is perfect. It is the place many wish to be but only found by those who look incessantly until they manage to find it.

I am the centre where everything exists.