I have a friend

I have a friend in London with a generous heart and a great desire to help others. She is full of enthusiasm and lives life to the full. She is a communicator and makes friends easily. Hence, she has a lot of them. She cares for her friends and gives parties to get them together in the hope that they will help each other and benefit from each other´s knowledge and experiences.

This friend was the first to buy my book. She enjoys it so much and thinks that it will help many people, so she has undertaken to organise a couple of tea parties to introduce her friends to my book. I am very grateful for her kindness.

The first tea party was last Wednesday in her beautiful house. There was not a detail missing. The artistic taste with which everything was organised was admired by all her guests. It was a pleasure for the senses in every way and a real success. Everyone loved it.

Being so close to Christmas, my friend bought several books
to give as gifts. Some of her friends were interested, others curious and others hopeful that the book would give them what they are looking for.

The young lady in the photo was one of the guests who bought the book. I love her expression and asked her permission to include it here. With her answer she also said: “Thank you Adelita for putting words to my feelings and for making us realise the happiness and heart in our lives. Thank you for seeing the best in people and for helping to make a better world”.

What kind of friend are you? In my book I talk about friends and the many types we can have. If you are looking for something to give to your friends, this book could be an ideal present.

“My Awakening to Myself” Troubador Publishing Ltd, myself or Amazon

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