The Life You Want to Live

Greetings, I wish you all health and wellbeing.

In my blog two weeks ago, I suggested you reflect on what you want in your life because this is a time to take decisions which will impact on it seriously. I hope you have done that and know where you want to be.

As I keep saying, what we think we become. So, here is another suggestion. Given the fact that you have already reflected on what you want, how about making two lists? One: the things you don´t like in your life; the other: what you like and how you want to live your life on this planet. Also, how this planet should be for you to enjoy it and be happy on it. After that, destroy the list of what you don´t want in your life and take a big piece of cardboard or paper and make a wish board with all the things you want to live through in your life. Make it like a collage. Write on it. Stick pictures or drawings on it. Use your imagination and make sure it comes from a loving heart that wishes the very best and most beautiful for yourself, but also for the planet and all creation. Once it is done, revise it and visualise yourself in that life. Let the emotions and feelings you have living it vibrate. Keep this wish board visible so you have it present and keep it alive in your heart. If things bother you, take a few deep breaths and breath out the unpleasantness. Then, remember your wish board and be in those feelings.

There are important things to make sure we all do: eat well, give the body the rest it needs, meditate or pray (whatever your practices are), know we are powerful beings, love and praise ourselves, keep at bay any negativity – especially fear. Any time you feel fear in you, remove it. When you do not feel yourself, check and see if those things are in place. Do what it takes to have them in place. Remember that being tired makes us weak and brings vulnerability to us, and others can control us without us knowing they are doing it.

Be curious. Do not take things for granted. Observe what goes on around you and ask yourself if that is for the good of all or only for the good of a minority. Check it out. There are people who know how to put veils on your eyes, so you see what they want you to see. Be alert. Be awake. Do not give your power away. We are powerful beings and there are some who want to destroy our power with fear. Be fearless. We are stronger than we are aware. Allow love to work for you. LOVE is a powerful tool, but make sure you let it vibrate from the heart and not the intellect.

Wishing you all health and freedom.


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