The masks we wear

If we look around us we are surrounded by people we think we know just by knowing their name, where they live, what they do and little else. The truth is very different. We all have hidden masks that we put on according to whom we are with. There are people who have so many masks that some come out without them wanting to, hardly realizing it. They also have others deeply buried in them that only come out when they are with people who offer them confidence and confidentiality. Each mask tells a story, an experience, a broken dream, a dream come true, and many other things.

We will also observe that many who listen judge without thinking of themselves, without looking inside themselves to see if they have something they have just been told about. It could be a link to discover things in themselves that they did not realize they had. Each of us is a very diverse world. Within that diversity we have certain characteristics that attract us to other people who have the same or similar characteristics. The law of attraction plays an important role.

When we watch and listen carefully we learn a lot about ourselves. Everything that comes to us has its reason for being, however casual it may seem. We are all messengers of one another. We are all mirrors of each other. Be careful: by judging others we are judging ourselves and when we criticise others we are criticising ourselves. That’s why when we believe that we know other people, it can not be so, because we do not know ourselves.

masks caretas

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