Merry Christmas

If we become observers we will be shocked, amazed, amused or other at the spectacle we put on at Christmas. The commercial world flourishes while the real symbolic one declines.

The exaggeration of food, presents, shows, parties and gatherings with people we may not always get on with; families that have issues and won’t meet but will talk about their grievances at this time of the year, reinforcing them still more.

Communities, family and friends getting together are all good when our reasons are driven by unconditional love. When our hearts sing with joy to love and celebrate love. Love that comes out of us and merges with all the other people with laughter, celebration, gratefulness, joy and the beauty we see in babies´ eyes. That is the beauty of unconditional love. Everyone is accepted, loved, free of judgements, joyful and thankful for each moment spent in this way.

People talk about love a lot and there are different types of love, but there is only ONE that will make us feel complete: unconditional LOVE.

Where are you at?

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and may unconditional LOVE guide you.

Merry Christmas

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