Last Week’s Post

Last week’s post was about being mirrors to each other. This week let’s observe what other people see in us. I once met up with an acquaintance at an event who told me as we were greeting each other: “You look exhausted! What have you been up to?”. As she said it she pulled faces as if I had a contagious disease. I was shocked at her comment because I was feeling great, but in looking at her I realised she had seen herself in me. I was her mirror. She did not see me, she saw herself. She looked exhausted. A couple of ours later I saw her sitting by herself and looked just as what she had seen in me.

It is important to think before we make comments that are negative, because they can be damaging for the person who receives them. If we are at the receiving end we do not take on what other people see or think of us. What is important is what we think, feel and see in ourselves.

Being aware we choose wise words that enhance wellbeing in others.

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