The majority of people speak more than is necessary. With a surplus of words dancing around, there are always going to be some that are misplaced or misperceived. Misunderstandings arise from this. Sometimes people instigate the confusion on purpose and thus create conflict.

When hearing too many words, we can miss the point of what has been said and not react to it.

To avoid these misunderstandings it is better to communicate with fewer words and include more silent vibrations in what we want to say. That way our communications will be short and to the point. Our understanding will be precise and quick so it will give us the right words to express ourselves. If we follow the vibration from the heart it will make us more spontaneous and true.

How aware are we of our interactions with others? Who speaks more? Who listens more? Do we use more words than we need? Why? Do they cause confusion? What do we do once we become aware?

misunderstandings malentendidos

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