I See Myself in You

Greeting and best wishes

What we see in people is our reflexion, but we think we see what they have in them. If we are aware, we will notice that we are mirroring ourselves and seeing what we have within. You may think “that cannot be”. However, yes, it is. We are like magnets. If we have a tiny bit of something in us it will attract the same wherever it finds it. The closer we get the stronger is the connection.

When we greet people, we exchange words. They may say: “Are you alright? You look tired”. Have a good look at them. They are tired, not you. As they look at you, they see their own reflexion. They can say: “You look beautiful!”. They are seeing their own beauty in you and they love it. Some may not recognise it, because they may think they do not have that beauty. Here it is worth paying attention to what we say to others because we are doing the same thing. Telling others what we see and not being aware that is our own reflexion. It is how we feel or see ourselves. We are all mirrors to each other. If we do not like what we see, we can change it because it is in us.

Let us be aware of what we say to others and what the others say to us. It is a good way of knowing ourselves, which could be useful in solving problems we thought we did not have.

Wishing you peace, love and awareness.

I see myself in you

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