Our best “tool”

There is a tool we get when we arrive on this planet and we leave it behind when we leave: “THE BREATH”. This is the tool that keeps us alive. The breath is the best tool we have and we carry it around with us at all times. The breath tells us how our body feels. Have you ever noticed how you breathe when you are running, strolling along, when you have good news or bad news, when you are angry or annoyed, happy or content? The breath changes constantly with our thoughts. You can find out by just bringing to your mind a pleasant or unpleasant situation. Your breath will change with the emotions you may feel for each scenario. How many times do you thank your breath for the amazing jobs it does for you? Some people only notice their breath when they have problems with their lungs.

Focusing on the breath leads us into relaxation. Those who meditate know that the breath can be the key to meditation.