Do we allow ourselves to be programmed?

Talking about programming from the past, what can we say about the programming of our time? In October, the shops started reminding us that Christmas is coming. There are sales everywhere in order to tempt people to buy now. Some fall into the trap and buy thinking they have a good bargain. But have they? Often they buy what they do not need, just because the price seems good. Marketing gets more and more sophisticated and a lot of people fall for it. The Christmas lights are already in the streets; another sign of pushing the masses towards the objective of those who create the program and benefit from it.

Let us go beyond the surface of things and dive a little deeper to be able to see what is good for us and what it is not. Let us make our own mind up, make our own decisions as what is good for us and when it is a good time to buy it. Let us be ourselves!

Do we notice the programming around us and how so many go for the bait? Can we be truthful to ourselves? Can we be detached from the programming, or just merge into it? Are we aware of how many things we do without realising we have been programmed?

programming programación

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