Saving Time

We are close to mid-December. Most people are rushing from place to place feeling overwhelmed with so many parties or functions to go to, presents to buy, visiting relatives or friends or being visited by them, being involved in activities for charities, etc. When everything happens at the same time, we feel overloaded. However, if we put some distance between ourselves and the things we want to do, we will be able to see more clearly. Our mind will focus calmly and we will have enough time to deal with everything in a relaxed manner.

Today´s picture was taken with a zoom and we cannot see how many cars are on the roads below. We couldn´t even if it were zoomed again. We see the cars as tiny dots. Let´s imagine those are the things we have to do. As we look at them, we don´t fear them because of the distance which makes them small and manageable. That puts into perspective the fact that there are some things that we do not have to do. The same can be done with the December rush: or indeed, with any problem that we think is too big for us to handle. Do you use this technique? Do you have others?

Ahorrar tiempo saving time

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