When we don’t say that which should be said

Last week’s blog was about using too many words. As we all know the world is made up of contrasts and opposites. This week let us remind ourselves of all those things that were not said and which, in some cases, created regrets afterwards.Many times, out of fear, shyness, low self-esteem, pride and all the other ways in which ego presents itself, people don’t say what they want to say. Those words with their own corresponding energy are held back and stuck in people’s throats or in other parts of their bodies.

When this occurs people feel discomfort for a while, then they forget about it. However, the body does not forget because that blockage of energy is kept in it. It will be hidden in some part of the body and it will come up when triggered by some other emotion or circumstance, which will allow that blockage to express itself. Usually it will manifest as an illness, unwell-being, depression or other.

So, it is important to always say what we feel is necessary to be said. There are many ways of saying what is on our mind, whether it is to make a point, defend ourselves, clear confusion, stand our ground, express emotions such as love or gratefulness and so many more situations.

When we are our true selves, we speak naturally and there will never be regrets.

say decir

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