Our thought

Swami Sivananda said: “thought is the raw material that all things are made of. […] No other being is responsible for what you acquire, since everything is a consequence of your thinking. The cause of what happens in your life is in you. What you get through others is the product of your own thoughts and efforts.”

This quotation tells us exactly where to find the clue of everything that happens in our life. Any experience we have has its origin in the thoughts that gave life to it. However, it is easier to blame someone else, no matter who it might be. That way we free ourselves from responsibility and carry on fooling ourselves that the blame lies elsewhere.

Mindfulness is to be aware at every moment of all that which surrounds us, of what we think and do. That way we are always where we want to be and have what we want to have.

Our thought - Nuestro pensamiento

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