What tomatoes!

Tomatoes the size of those in the photo are not found easily. On seeing them, a friend of mine mentioned that she had eaten them roasted and they were delicious.

Last week we were talking about tiredness. Today I would like to add that food and the way we eat also have a lot to do with how we feel. How often are you with your computer or doing something you want to finish and you ignore that your physical body needs food? How often do you eat while you are working, reading or doing something else? What do you eat? Do you eat fast food or fresh and healthy food?

Our body is our best friend, our best ally, our best source of information. It is sacred. Sooner or later, if we treat it badly, we will suffer the consequences in some way or other. Do we ever think how many ways we abuse our body? With exhaustion, drink, food, lack of rest, lack of love, …? If someone else did this to us, would we tolerate it? Who are we fooling? Are we responsible for our wellbeing?

Tomates Tomatoes

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