The tree of life

Let’s say that this tree represents our life. When everything goes well, the tree is strong and healthy. When someone interferes in an illusion charged with feelings that mean a lot to us, the tree suffers. When that illusion has spread to other people and is cut off, the effect it causes is like cutting a branch from the trunk of our tree. With each branch that is cut off the tree diminishes in life, because cutting an illusion rooted in deep feelings cuts off the enthusiasm of life. The tree loses its enthusiasm for life as it loses its branches. The discouragement of the tree is felt. There is no compensation for the lost branches. Both parties, those who cut the branches and those who let them been cut and accept the proposals given to them, suffer the consequences: the first ones for just thinking about themselves and the second ones for not defending what is theirs.

On which side are you? Are you on the side that cuts branches or on the one that allows the branches to be cut off? The one who cuts the branches is taking away the force of life and the power of the one whose branches are cut. The one who with sorrow allows the branches to be cut does not realise that it is his power of being who he is that is being taken away.

Tree árbol

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