The Twelth Night

For all those of you who are celebrating your birthday today, I wish you the very best the Universe can deliver to you, also health and love to enjoy it.

Here we are in a fresh new year. A magnificent time to start putting into practice the changes and corrections we made as we left behind the old year and started the new one. It is important to keep in mind our targets and be vigilant that we don´t fall into the old habits which weren´t working for us. This is a time for new beginnings, fresh enthusiasm, joy in our hearts and the trust that we can achieve whatever we have set up to achieve. Let us all believe that we can.

For lots of children in the world, today is a magical day. The Three Kings have come from the East and left them presents. Magic is all around us. Ask the five years olds. They can tell you.

Miracles are happening at each instant, let us wake up so we can see them. Let us open our minds to the unexpected and be surprised by what we may find, grateful to be the receivers and thankful to be who we are. Let us use our gifts for the higher good of us all.

día de reyes

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