Water heals us

Greetings, love and wishes of good health to you all.

“Giving attention is a way of giving energy” (Masaru Emoto)

Today I want to bring your attention to water. We all know its power. Unfortunately, people tend to remember it when there are tragedies like floods. Are you familiar with the work of Masaru Emoto. He was Japanese and travelled around the planet researching and doing tests of the water from many different places. Then, he gave conferences and seminars around the world, sharing the results of his research. It was dazzling and beautiful. He wrote several books, which include many photos of the different patterns created by the crystalised water according to the sounds and thoughts to which they have been exposed.

Masaru Emoto has proven that our thoughts can manifest themselves in water. So, if we have positive and grateful thoughts as we drink water, we are helping ourselves to have better health and we are also helping the water on our planet. Let us remember that the planet is a living entity made up mostly of water. Likewise let us remember that most of our own body is made up of water. By having thoughts of love and gratefulness, our state of health and mind are going to be brilliant and strong. I repeat what I always say, whatever we think we become. So, we have to be vigilant to be free from fear, keeping it far from our thoughts.

I suggest that you read or listen to Masaru Emoto. His recommendations for good health include treating the water well. You can stick a piece of paper on a bottle or a glass, or even make coasters, with words written on them such as: “love”, “I love you”, “thank you”, “gratefulness”, “I am grateful”, “compassion”, “joy”, “happiness”, “wellbeing”, “good health”, etc. If you have any illness, you can write: “I am healed from …” the water in you will change and so will your health, because you are mostly made up of water. The words you use can be in any language, the water does not make distinctions and the results will be the same regardless.

I wish you a mind full of words that are keeping you healthy and strong. And that you carry on doing the “Our Planet” meditation.

water agua

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