We allow

Two weeks ago I mentioned that nobody has the power to make us feel anything unless we give them the power. So today I will carry on with that subject.

Anything that happens to us, we allow it to happen – whether we realise it or not. How does it happen? Mainly by us being mindless, by not paying attention to our thoughts and feelings. With our mind we can direct our lives. Our feelings give us the right signals as to which way to go and what needs changing.

Through mindfulness we can keep thoughts and feelings in check so that we can enjoy wellbeing in our lives. Let us focus on all that which puts us in control of every aspect of our lives. Observing this expansion will lead us to be more centred and free, enjoying life much more and what we can achieve in it. We can find ourselves living with easiness, free from stress and hardships.

We know how to approach every situation presented to us provided we stay in our centre. How mindful are you? What needs changing in your life?

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