Where to buy?

Quite a few people have asked me where they can buy my book. I apologise to those who have been waiting a while. Here is my answer:
You can buy it from the publishers (Troubador.co.uk) or do a search for “My Awakening to Myself” by Adelita Broom and it will come up. You can also search for ISBN 978 1789017861 or, for the eBook, eISBN 978 1838598822. If you live near me you can buy it from me. It is also available from Amazon and most major book retailers in the UK.

If you live in Surrey, UK, you can borrow it from the library.

This will make a beautiful present. So, if you are stuck for a gift to give to a friend or relative check this book out. The people I have seen holding it and opening it all say that just holding it makes them feel like reading it.

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