The most powerful tool against fear is knowing who you are

When you know who you are you are invincible. Nothing in this physical world can frighten you because you know the purpose for which you are here and what steps to take to achieve your objectives. You also know that it is not through effort you are successful but through wisdom and belief in yourself. Reading these words will make you feel whatever your perception of the moment dictates. However, it is good to remember that your perception changes constantly and therefore changes as well the thoughts, feelings, opinions and everything that surrounds you.

So, if you are taking the time to read this blog, allow it time to go deep in and feel how it resonates in you, in your NOW.

One thing is to read a blog and another is to work with it, allowing it to remind you, guide you and teach you to reach your goals of being happy and fearless.

who you are quién eres

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