Most people feel desires of all kinds constantly, but are not always aware.

The wishes we have in a single day would surprise us:

“I want to drink … eat … buy … go … see … visit … walk … have … do …, etc”.

It would have a great impact if each one of us took a dandelion flower with seeds and then, when blowing them, the wind would take them all over the world; in each seed we could hang a wish for the good of all of us and the planet.

It could be: PEACE – LOVE – LIGHT – COMMUNICATION – COMPASSION -GENEROSITY AND MORE … (Those who do not have the seeds can visualize them)

After sending these wishes, we visualize that they manifest.

We keep quiet for a few minutes feeling a great vibration of well-being for the whole collective.
We are helping each other.

Are you going to do it with your family, your community or you alone?

deseos wishes

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