You decide

Are you one of those people who know what to do but cannot reach the point of getting rid of all the ties that are preventing you from being free?

I hear people saying: “Yes, yes, but I can’t do it”; “I try, but it’s very difficult”; …

If we are wearing something that suffocates us, we take it off and we do not put it on again. We have been programmed since childhood. Many of these programmes are still alive in us. Times have changed and are changing rapidly. If we do not follow the pace of the changes, we will remain trapped in a net of confusion and anxiety which suffocates us. Now is the time to unlearn what we have learned and let go of the programmes that are not serving us any longer and are asphyxiating us. That way we will be free to see the infinite opportunities we have at our disposal.

Are you moving with the times or are you stuck in habits from the past that entangle you with negative emotions and do not allow you to move forward?

Tú decides, you decide

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