Claire’s experience

“I have known Adelita for approx. 20 years and she has been of tremendous help in numerous occasions over the years, through healing and sharing her extraordinary knowledge with me. But most importantly, she has empowered me with priceless, life-changing tools through monthly meditation sessions over the last 5 years. Thanks to her, I have turned my life around. I have been able to be resilient through my divorce, to leave the past behind, to be a better mother and to grow. I would not be the happy person I am now nor would I truly enjoy this journey that is life without her input, help and Knowledge. She has always been very generous with her time and wisdom and made time for extra, personal help when I needed it. I am forever grateful to her.
Love, Joy, Light
Claire xxx

R’s experience

“Adelita is a special woman who opens her heart, soul and energies in to helping others in a calm, peaceful and focused manner. I have worked with her on my self development for over 10 years and  I am a happier, more self confident and self-loving person than when I started. I have set goals (academic, personal and professional) and have achieved these through my work with her. She inspires and instills spiritual practices from the basic to advanced and meets your individual needs accordingly. Adelita makes me feel safe and secure and I trust her and her non-judgmental approach 100%. I am blessed to have Adelita in my life guiding my spiritual journey. Thank you Adelita.    R xx”

Urvashi’s experience

Feeling very grateful for meeting Adelita and for her speeding up my spiritual development. She has helped me to love myself and others and to bring to the front my higher self so that I am more in control of my actions and events in my life. My daughter and myself have been to healing sessions and the whole family have had guidance sessions to help them through difficulties. Adelita is one of the family and we have lots of respect and appreciation for her.

Deborah’s experience

Its me time, a session tailored just for you whether you are in a group or not. I relax, recharge my batteries or clear away any unwanted items. Its as good as spending a day at a Spa but its only an hour! Lovely.
Deborah “

Sheila’s experience

“My grand-daughter, Louise, was just over one year old when she developed a pain in her arm. She couldn’t speak but we noticed that she would draw her arm back if we went to touch it & would flinch & cry if it were touched. Her parents took her to the doctor’s who referred her to the local hospital (Mayday University Hospital near Croydon).

They couldn’t immediately diagnose the problem & performed many tests on Louise.
I don’t know all the medical procedures that were carried out but I know she was sent to Royal Marsden for Scan (Royal Marsden is a Specialist Cancer Hospital) Specimens were sent to Great Ormond St. & between the three hospitals, they diagnosed an infection in the bone.
I rang Adelita & asked if she would give absent healing to Louise & she kindly said that she would, Louise was admitted to Mayday with a high temperature & and was feeling very poorly. Her parents took turns to stay overnight at the hospital to be with her.
Louise was operated on, the arm and the bone were opened up…..and there was no infection to be seen.
The surgeons, we know, were very mystified. One infection had shown on the scan & the specimens had confirmed this.
They closed the wound & sewed up the arm. In their words, she healed remarkably quickly.
Louise has had further check-ups in three, then six & now 12 months & is in excellent health. The  nurses and  doctors at Mayday are still puzzled. We are not.”


“This would be my reflexion on your arrival into my life:
After the requests of help that my soul sent to the Universe, Adelita came to my aid to help me to unlearn the attitudes that caused me so much damage and to embark on the path of great knowledge, in which to live is natural and far from effort. I have learned that the deep communication of our desires and the cleansing of the fears easily bring us the happiness that I mistakenly sought for on the basis of sacrifice and suffering. I have learned the power of love and true desires. Kisses.”

Silvana Avila Ortega

My experience with Adelita has been very important in my life, she has taught me to believe in myself, to love me because if I love myself I can love others, to look forward, to believe in the God that we each carry inside and so many things that help me every day. Thank you for offering yourslef so many times to help us and with that patience that characterizes you. A thousand thank yous for everything.
PS:I love talking to you
You are light, love and joy!!!”

Toñi Fuentes

“There are no words to describe what you teach and transmit … It´s feeling, strength, life!! I never thought I could believe in these things, but you see! With your illustrative talks and your breathing exercises you got me to have FAITH in all of it, to realise that we can work ourselves day by day, to get out of desperate situations in which you do not see the light. That we can firmly and with conviction turn the problem around!! For me it is a good therapy on the mental, physical, emotional, spiritual level… I give thanks that our paths crossed in our life, if not for you, I assure you that right now I would not be writing these words as sincere as it is, the respect and friendship I feel for you. With all my love. Big hug. Toñi”

Deborah’s experience

“In 1999 I was at rock bottom I met Adelita and life got better.
We dealt with all my issues through 1-2-1 sessions and healing. Being empowered I was able to join Adelita’s workshops, improving my knowledge and gaining tools (aids). Today, I can deal with any challenge instantly, I can forgive myself and love myself for who I am. Life’s Great.
Deborah (year 2016)”

Yoli’s experience

“Hello Adelita, now that I sat down, I tell you, I do not know whether to call it God, energy, light, the truth is that thanks that I met you I was able to change many aspects of my life. When the crisis hit my home everything I saw was bad, I was not happy with my life because I was thinking negatively and I got to tell myself that I was a disgrace for the life that I had. Thanks to your advice and made me think differently my life changed, my husband found a job. I also have and I don´t lack anything and now I see things differently. Thank you for being there. Yoli x”

Claudio’s experience

Adelita is by far the most talented life coach I have ever met. Her knowledge and experience is vast and deep across all aspects of life. Her humble, direct, patient, kind and selfless coaching style touches and transforms individuals from inside out. I have been very fortunate to have met Adelita many years ago and to have been able to receive her guidance, support and teachings. Adelita has helped me become a better person, professional, husband and father, she has helped me realise my full potential and go beyond but most of all Adelita has helped me make my dreams come true and for that I will forever be grateful.