I always encourage us to ask questions. The interesting thing is that many people seek the answers outside themselves. I have said in various posts that all the information is within us, not outside us. To hear the replies to our questions or situations, all we need to do is look inside ourselves in moments of silence and know how to listen. I would like to illustrate this with the case of a friend who follows my blog.  

“My friend founded herself in a state of terrible chaos and didn’t know how to get out of it or what else to do. She had used the tools she had and everything was useless. She felt physically exhausted and demoralised, and sought silence, where she felt better, but the situation did not change. After some time without contact I asked her “don’t you read my blog anymore?” to which she replied that she did. Surprised by my question, she thought there must be something behind it. She didn’t understand. She went to the blog and started to go back and reread through it till she stopped at one post in particular. She had already read it and knew it, but this time she found something that she had not noticed before. And there was the answer to the stagnation she had suffered for months. This post made her go inside herself and see herself. She could see what was happening. The chaos disappeared. Smiling and happy, she told me about it.” 

I suggest you go back and reread the posts from the past. Just review them a little until one catches your attention. Reread it carefully. Maybe it sends you to a key point in yourself that you were not conscious of. All the answers are inside ourselves. When we talk too much we cannot hear them because our ego blocks them off. We have to ask ourselves many questions and know how to listen in order to hear the answers. This way we find answers to everything we think and feel. (Let´s bear in mind my last post about thoughts.)  

Are you a good listener? Do you listen to yourself?

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