So, here we are moving into the New Year. How do you feel about it? Following on from the last two blogs, have you made many changes?

Reflecting on this, it is easier to accept whatever happens. Some days we may be full of good will and everything goes well; other days we seem to be stuck. That is alright. Allow flexibility and acceptance to have a space in your life. They will make its flow softer and richer. Guidance from the heart will take you where your dreams are waiting for you. The hard bit is when fears approach and there is a tendency to panic. I would say it pays to listen to your heart. However, one should remember what things are important and sort them out by priority. Making a list of priorities can help the first step towards achievement. The second step is believing you can do it and the third is seeing it in your mind already done.

The main thing is that you value yourself and everyone else. Do you value yourself? And, how about the people around you?


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