Promising something, or asking someone to promise you something, is a way of getting into debt, you both.

People make promises without taking responsibility for the consequences that come with them. They become ties that will later impact us, in many ways, and limit us – almost always without us even being aware of them.

“I promise you…” And what is promised never comes. Why promise if you’re going to forget what you promised? The danger is that someone can be hurt.

Do you make promises without making sure you can keep them? Think again. Those promises are etched into the cosmos. All the thoughts created by those who hope to receive what is promised are also recorded. When promises are not kept, conflict arises. Dissonant energies emanate, extend, and adhere to all who magnetically attract.

Do not make promises you are not sure you can keep.

Do not take it for granted that you will receive what you were promised: you will save yourself disappointment.

When they tell you, “Promise me that…” Or when you say, “I promise you…” Think about it because you are putting yourself in debt to that person. It’s good to remember, whether you make a promise or ask for one that they take up space in your mind and both parties are then in debt. If you receive promises, you do not have to be bound by them. If you want to avoid this type of energetic emanations.

No one needs promises because what is our due in life is naturally coming to us.

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