Happy New Year 2019

Starting a new year moves people in different ways. Some will set resolutions for the New Year such as:
• stopping smoking
• losing weight
• travelling more
• learning something new
• …etc

A good one would be to drop all programming from the past that doesn’t serve us any more.

What do you think?

That programming includes traditions. Some may have had value, but not any longer.

We are moving in a fast paced world. We need to develop new skills to navigate around it successfully.

Traditions easily hold people up and can lead them to be stuck creating negative feelings.

But if some traditions promote joy and do not stop the flow of life in our now, then those who live through them may want to continue with them.

The pictures I am sharing here are of the costumes used long ago to celebrate important occasions and to dance the folkloric dances.

Some still enjoy taking part in this tradition when the opportunity comes up.

Variations of this can be found around the world but this particular tradition is from a small part of Spain called “La Maragatería”.

As we leave behind the old year, it is beneficial to also leave behind our old habits or traditions that do not serve us in our now. Instead we can open up to the new world in front of us.

How many things are you prepared to leave behind?

I wish you ALL a very Prosperous and Happy 2019 filled with new possibilities.

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