In the previous post I shared a comment from a person who uses the book as a tool. I always ask permission to publish what is sent to me. I had already sent the post to be uploaded to the networks when I received a couple of voice messages from that person saying the following:

“Adelita, tell people that you read it one day and it seems it doesn’t tell you anything and you don’t understand it. But then that page comes up again and everything makes sense. If you open it and you don’t understand it, don’t worry, it will come to you. I would tell them not only to open it but to keep on reading it. In the end, that is where it begins to bear fruit, so continue. Adelita, another thing that I would emphasize is to send the message that the change is not outside you, it is within you. It’s already inside you, and this book helps you find it.”

These words seem very appropriate to me. They explain with overwhelming clarity how to use the book. It is a new version of someone who is using it and benefiting from it. It is not just the words, but the energy with which they are delivered. So therefore I want to send it to you. I hope you can feel inspired by her words and her aim to help all of you who have the book or may receive it.

I Am Grateful

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