The shops are already prepared to offer a great range of gifts that we can buy for the important festivities that are coming up. I would like to tell you that my book “My Awakening to Myself” is on sale in bookshops, Amazon and from me directly for a signed copy. It is a gift that will be gratefully received; and if you do not already have a copy of your own, you will be glad to get it. I have been receiving comments like this one that has just arrived:

“Adelita!!! Hello!!! How are you? I am fascinated by your book. The questions you pose and where they originate. It is like seeing life and its meaning from a higher perspective. This gives tranquillity, seeing it as a project that I have chosen, it is as if it gives me strength; I do not know how to explain it. I must work on my inner self…”

I presented the book as “self-help” but it is more like “personal development”. The publisher has a list and what came closest to it was self-help. As you can see from the comment above, it is a “personal development” book. When I made the presentation in Conil (Spain) in September of this year, the person who introduced me told me: “You shouldn´t say it´s self-help. It is not. It goes further. It is a “personal development” book.” And introducing me, she said to those present:

““My Awakening to Myself” is more than an easy guide to focusing and refocusing on difficulties, fears and doubts which paralyze us or simply don´t allow us to enjoy the fullness of each day. I would say it is a wise friend available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

(…) When I feel lost, suffocated, sometimes alone, I open my book and it always gives me the perspective and knowledge to unclog me from that situation. That is how I continue to use it, after having read it completely various times.”

I will continue sending other comments so that you get an idea of the effect the book has on those who use it. If you already have it, send me what you think and how it helps you.
Health and Love

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