Our imagination is powerful if we give it freedom and do not surround it with the load of conditioning that we carry with us.

Imagination, when you add the spark that “everything is possible” without getting hung up on doubts or looking for what might hinder it, can lead you to be a brilliant creator of your reality. Imagination with the right vibration that you can put into it becomes a magic machine. It gives you what you seek, what you long for. The key here is that you must have purity of heart, because if your thoughts and feelings are not pure, they can lead you astray and you will not find yourself in the desired place.

Children arrive on the planet with a lot of imagination, and they know that they can use it for whatever they want. When they start to talk and express it, as a rule adults don’t understand it and laugh because they think it’s funny or tell them to stop talking nonsense. Thus begins the tragedy of many beings. I feel now people are more open and accepting of the unknown. There are parents who listen to their children and do not impose their beliefs on them. It is a way of honoring and respecting the children because they bring their own program with them.

I work with people who have problems of all kinds: physical, emotional and mental. There is a majority that is blocked by energies from childhood or adolescence. When we find out why, it always surprises them. They didn’t expect it.

And how do you feel? When you look back, what do you see? Where was your imagination? What happened to it? Some call it dreams. Where are they?

I am the force of life and so are you.

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