We are heroes

I greet you all with love and hope you are well.

We know that our energy flows where our thoughts go and that what we are thinking is what we send out into the atmosphere and to those of whom we are thinking. This energy can spread globally faster than any virus and is equally damaging if it carries a negative charge. So, one way we can be of help is by being a hero from wherever we may be, with whatever circumstances, abilities and possibilities we may have at our disposal.

Repetitive news about the gravity of the situation, spreads fear in people. Those social media messages highlighting pain, damage our hearts and diminish our happiness of being. I suggest you test this out for yourself. Think of one of the news items that are flooding us these days. How do you feel? Terrible! Besides, this weakens the immune system, making us even more vulnerable. Now think of something that makes you happy or think of the love you feel for something, someone or for life itself. How do you feel? Great! Hold onto that sense of love and happiness when you think of those who are fighting tirelessly for the good of us all. That energy of love and happiness will give them the strength to keep on fighting. It will also lift people’s spirits, making us all feel better, stronger and less at risk.

The colour yellow helps to calm the mind. This photo is of the first tree that I have seen in bloom this spring. Last week I wrote about how to get rid of fear: three or four breaths are enough, then you add whatever you want. It could be “I breathe in yellow – I breathe out yellow” and you visualise yourself filled with yellow. You could use words like love, patience, goodness or anything else you may want to feel in that moment. Using the breath you can control the mind.

It would be marvellous to think that we are all doing the “Our Planet” meditation, which only takes 5-6 minutes but should not replace any other meditation you may do. Remember, we can all be heroes if we work with the positive energies which support us and with the happiness of the soul which gives strength and well-being to everything.

I wish you a mind free from fear and open to unconditional love.

heroes yellow amarillo

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