In my book “My Awakening to Myself” I speak of friendship. Having a good friend is a blessing. Special friends are like angels who accompany us on the path of life. I am talking about those with whom you can sit and say nothing; however, it is as if you have said everything. They have understood you. You feel relaxed, rested and understood. You have not wasted energy, but you have increased it.

Many do not want that responsibility and flatly refuse to have it, even if they sometimes want it. Others take it in an unconscious state of mind. They do not know the depth that relationship entails. For this reason, when they encounter difficulties, they abandon that path and take another that they consider better. That is not friendship, that is camaraderie. It is like saying: “Now I feel like it and I’ll stay; now I don’t feel like it and I’m leaving”. ” The most comfortable situation for me is when others can manage by themselves”.

There are many categories of friendship. What kind of friend are you? It is worth observing yourself and seeing what feelings resonate in you every time you recall the name and image of a friend. How do you feel? Not only when everything is going well and you are having a great time, but when things change, and friends can no longer give you what they did before. What happens then? How do you feel? Now, you are in a position to give to your friends. Do you give or do you hide? How do you give? Do you feel you are doing him a favour? You may also be on the side of needing to receive. How do you feel when your friends avoid you or do not call you, or what they do is to comply?

True friends who show unconditional love are rare. They are like inaccessible jewels, difficult to find and of great value. What is friendship for you?

I Am the force of life and so are you.

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