Do Good Regardless of Who to

I wish you an awakening full of light

In Spain there is a saying “Do good regardless of who to”. My grandmother used to say it to me. When people are telling us things, often we stop listening and don´t get the meaning of what they are saying. However, when we do reflect on them, we find light in the path they lead us down. Don´t you think?

This is a year in which we should look inside ourselves and observe what we carry within us. Is it a heavy load or is it light? What do we feel? Where does that feeling come from? Do we stop to reflect? Do we help ourselves? Do we help others?

What does “Do good regardless of who to” tell you? How many people do you help at this time in your life? What do you feel when you do it? Do you think they owe you something for helping them?

Be brave and go deep inside, without fear.

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