Observation is very important for all purposes and for everything we think, feel and do. Observation makes us pause in order to see, hear, feel, touch, savour what is present for us in that moment. So, our senses have the time to take in all the information we need, even if we do not know what for or when it will be used. They are automatic processes, and we are often far from understanding them. However, the results come to us whether we know it or not, whether we appreciate them or not.

Children know how to observe. Their senses are very alert and nothing escapes them. There will be those who make comments about it, but many will keep quiet about it. Has it happened to you? Do you remember why you were silent? Much of what is suffered as adults has to do with the experiences in childhood. People do not always connect them. I have treated adolescents and adults with serious problems and the solution was to find the connection to the past.

Observing is enriching and helps us learn more deeply. It also helps us to know ourselves better and to search within for the answers to all our questions and concerns. Do you observe yourself? How often?

I Am the force of life and so are you.

Those of you who have questions can ask me them openly or privately. I will answer when I can. Those of you who are on social media, give it a “like”. You don’t know how many you can help. (I realise many of you are not on social media).

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