Last Saturday we had the local Christmas market. They closed the main street to fill it with stalls selling all kinds of handicrafts for these festivities. This year, I walked around looking and admiring the ingenuity of what they exhibited. The human imagination is powerful to reach and create such elaborate and decorative objects. The artisans proudly explained their creations and those who asked, or observed like me, were enchanted by such beauty. 

They had several things for children to enjoy. They could be heard shouting with joy taking part in the activities offered to them. I was surprised by a huge bubble, which can be seen in the photo. The idea was to make the children feel like they were in the snow, and they were taking pictures of them on a reindeer chair, which my camera could not reach. The children were slow to get on to the chair because the bubble was moving and the imitation snow was slippery. The parents, with smiles of satisfaction at seeing their children enjoying themselves, looked quite a spectacle. A photographer in a very strange position was inside trying to get the funniest photos to sell to parents. The music was nice and upbeat, not your typical Christmas carols. I did not see anything religious either. If there was, I missed it. 

November is coming to an end. When it started, I suggested my book “My Awakening to Myself as a gift idea. They will thank you for it. Three days ago, a professional told me: “since I have set aside a few minutes a day to meditate and read your book, my life has changed. Now I don´t feel the anxiety of not getting to do everything, but rather I feel serene and with inner tranquillity”. 

I Am Grateful 

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