Happy Day!

happy day

I am going to be brief today. I only want to remind those of you who read my blog that I have not disappeared. I am still here balancing the challenges that present themselves to me day by day.

I also want to say that my book is close to being published in its Spanish version. I know that many of you have asked me for a copy. I would have liked it to come out before Christmas. Due to circumstances that are nothing to do with the book, I have not been able to move in that direction. But I am getting there.

Let us remember to bear in mind that every day should be, A Happy Day! whatever happens. This means that what is going well for us will go better. What is not going well will be lighter for us. We all hear sad stories, and we all have them in our own homes. But if we want to get over them, we must see the light in everything, so that joy comes out from where we hide it not letting it shine. If we do this, we forget we have joy, and it is more difficult for us to progress. If you cannot see it, look for it. You have it in abundance.

I wish that every day should be a happy day in your lives.

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