Worry seems to be innate in us. Nobody teaches us. It jumps automatically without us programming it.

Why do we worry? The reasons are endless. They go from the least to the most extreme.
I believe that worry has no age. It comes to us from when we are children until the end of our days, although there are exceptions. I remember my worries when I was four. In my teens I had many more. When I was 22, I looked into them and decided to remove them. It is a job to keep up to date because as our life changes, new situations arise that can make us fall into that emotion of worry. I also witnessed other children and their concerns. In my work I have helped many adults with theirs.

Worry is a negative energy that eats you up inside. It distracts you by paying attention to the object that worries you and you don’t give it any importance. You only know that you feel uncomfortable and upset. You cannot relax or have peace. You can pretend you have it, but as they say in Spain “the process goes on inside”. Not everyone has someone to talk to and vent. When you vent your feelings you feel better, but it does not eliminate how you feel. You must work within yourself to remove it. I spent 18 years in England with the “Samaritans” and 2 years in Canada on “Distress Line”. It was charity work. In those years, I heard a lot of people telling me about their concerns. One of the places where fear and worry is strongest is in prisons. I have also done charity work in prisons in England, Spain and Canada. All this has given me the experience I have on the subject plus all the work I have been doing for years.

Worry doesn’t help anyone. It is a very heavy weight, and it has consequences: it becomes painful. It’s like a hard, heavy pain that you carry around. If you worry about something or someone and the result is favourable, you are relieved that the reason for your concern has come to an end. You think it is all over, but it is not. The emotions that you have had are recorded in your cells. I say in my book that they hide in secret pockets in us. We do not realise that, but over time they come out as diseases or other things. The cells have to be cleansed in our energy system.

Ask yourself some questions: Who are you helping with your worry? Are you helping yourself? Are you helping the situation? Are you helping the person you care about? Are you helping the environment? The world? Who are you helping? For those who don’t know, worry is a negative energy and it travels in your thoughts wherever you want them to go. They tell us that thought is faster than light. So it arrives before you know that you had a thought. With your thoughts you send the emotions you feel. Negative energies are not healthy, they can do a lot of damage. Consequently, you hurt yourself and everyone in general.

I Am the force of life and so are you.

Those of you who have questions can ask me them openly or privately. I will answer when I can. Those of you who are on social media, give it a “like”. You don’t know how many you can help. (I realise many of you are not on social media).

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