March is ending. We can make a summary of what has happened in our lives in March. We can see how many questions we have asked ourselves and how many answers we have received. Also, how many have we understood, because there will be those whose intellect will lead them down wrong paths and make them believe that they are the right paths. For others, it is fear that can dictate and guide them through where they encounter the most difficulties. Here, inner silence is needed to be able to hear our inner voice in total sincerity with ourselves.

“Can what we believe to be our nature depend on or be conditioned by external factors over which we have no control?”
First, we would have to see what platform we are on and what the situation is. When we realize that we are conditioned, we have already taken a step forward. Now we should look at how many parts of our life ​​are conditioned and our determination to get out of this conditioning. This already tells us what can be done. Every person is a world. What is good for one may be bad for another.

External factors can only control the external. They can never control our inner being, because only we have access to it. The important thing is to get to communicate with your inner being from the heart, not from the intellect. Only your heart can tell you what is good for you. If you don’t like where you are, look for the reason you are there. What took you there? Why? Are you learning something? Do you want to get out of the situation? Why? Is your heart pushing you towards another experience? Are you sure that the push comes from your Higher Self? Who controls you outside … and how?

People who are used to their comfort zone fear change and may hide behind external walls and accept whatever is thrown at them. For this reason, when asking questions you find what you are looking for and it is time to ask yourself if it is really what you want. We are beings in evolution and for this reason we must leave behind what no longer serves us and find the lessons we came to learn. It is essential to know who we are and what we came to do. Quiet time helps us to find ourselves – meditation especially.

I Am the force of life and so are you.

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