The breath

Breath is something most people do not think about. Nevertheless it is what gives us life and without it we would not exist. At the moment we are living through a crisis whose focal point is being able to breath. I have mentioned before how our breath responds to our thoughts and emotions. The force of life enters us through our breath. I suggest, when you feel preoccupied, overwhelmed, sad, fearful, angry, or any other negative feeling or thought, that you stop a few seconds and bring your attention to your breath. Feel it coming in and out through your nostrils. Appreciate that sensation and, without taking your attention away from your breath, observe how your body reacts.

Happiness, humour that makes us laugh, beauty that nature offers us, gratitude, love and goodness are some of the ingredients to bear in mind to maintain healthy breathing. To be conscious of our breath and value it is of the utmost importance. The decision is yours.

The Breath La respiracion

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